At Scrap Management Industries, our recycling process was built to help reduce our environmental footprint. We are dedicated to running our facilities in an environmentally responsible manner, and we operate in compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations. Unlike some of our competitors, we have invested heavily into our operations to minimize the amounts of recyclable metals that go to the landfill by operating our own Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants (NFRP) at our Kansas City, MO and Park City, KS locations.

In addition to our regular processes and procedures, Scrap Management Industries is dedicated to:

  • Regularly monitoring compliance statuses.
  • Minimizing pollution through our routine environmental compliance audits.
  • Working with third party environmental companies to continue to find more ways of reducing the environmental impact of the metal recycling process.
  • Continually adapting and improving our environmental practices as our recycling processes evolve over time.

Scrap Management Industries has and will use our time and resources to continue to operate in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner for our employees and for our community.

SMI is environmentally responsible