Real Clients. Real Testimonials.

We are honored to have worked with such amazing clients and we look forward to working with YOU!
“Our company was looking for a scrap company that could handle the volume of material we produce. Your team put together a plan that not only helped us organize how we were doing business, but a way to be profitable. We can not thank you enough.”
“Hey Scrap Management. As you know our machinery failed on us. When we called, you didnt have waht we needed when we needed it. However, 2 hours later, your team called us back and said that you were able to find what we needed and it was already on its way. WOW. Thank you!”
“We had about 6 cars we needed picked up. They had been sitting for years. You guys were pretty prompt on getting the cars out of here. Thanks again. We appreciate it.”
“Thank you all for helping us clear the back yard. There were items that were just too big for us to handle. Your guys were very professional and we can't say enough about them.”
“To whom it may concern. We contacted you to help us remove around 10 tons of scrap from our demo site. Little did we know that not only where you able to help remove the scrap, but you also helped us finish up the demolition. We can't thank you enough for your services.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you Scrap Management Industries. We needed half a dozen trailers and we needed them yesterday and you delivered. Thanks for helping with the coordination and all the logistics. We couldn't have done it without you!”
“As many have already said, thank you. Your services are exactly what we needed and your team was amazing to work with. Thank you all again for coming to the rescue.”
“How many of these do we get to write? We cant say enough about your company and the deal you helped us get. Was the work hard? Yes, but we got thru it. We highly recommend Scrap Management Industries for any scrap removal services you might need.”
“Our company had a large project we needed help with. When we called, we didnt realize just how much help you all could provide. From the logistics, to the equipment to the final wrap up, you guys helped us every step of the way. A big shout out to Scrap Management.”
“I want to thank Colby for taking our call and letting us know what our options were for our scrap pile. We were not sure how to handle it and Colby walked us thru what we needed. We appreciate your time.”
“Our scrap was getting out of hand. We called Scrap Management Industries to see what it would cost to get rid of it. Come to find out, we had some pretty valuable scrap on hand and was able to make some money on the side. Glad we called.”
“Sorry to hang up on you. It was an accident. But, we thank you for the call back. You answered all of our questions and so we booked an appointment with you all. Thanks for your professionalism.”