For the safety of our employees, customers and environment, we cannot accept the following items:

We do not accept asbestos at our scrap yard
Asbestos in any form or content.
We do not accept ammo at our scrap yard
Military scrap or explosives – no live ammo, gun powder or weapons.
We do not accept metal fence at our scrap yard
Chain link fence – ask office on yard acceptance.
We do not accept microwaves at our scrap yard
Radioactive materials including microwaves.
We do not accept oil at our scrap yard
Containers with free-flowing liquids, oil filters.
We do not accept paint-cans at our scrap yard
Paint Cans or drums, poisons or corrosives (no acids or caustics).
We do not accept pcb at our scrap yard
PCB of any kind; eCapacitors and ballasts which could contain PCBs– must clearly be labeled from the manufacturer as having “NO PCBs”.
We do not accept pressure at our scrap yard
Pressurized, closed or sealed containers – all cylinders and pipe must be clearly open and vented.
We do not accept railroad at our scrap yard
Railroad scrap (rail, spikes or tie plates), traffic signs, manhole covers or beer kegs unless accompanied by a written ownership release.
We do not accept vapor at our scrap yard
Mercury vapor lamps.
We do not accept infections materials at our scrap yard
Nothing sharp, no needles.
We do not accept solid waste at our scrap yard
No wood, plastics, glass, trash, concrete, carpet, etc.
Please email [email protected] for any additional questions or concerns.