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Stainless Steel Recycling in KC, Missouri

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Scrap Yard Locations

Kansas City, MO
Yard Location:
8116 Wilson Road
Kansas City, MO 64125

St. Joseph, MO
Yard Location:
422 Lower Lake Road
St. Joseph, MO 64504

Park City, KS
Yard Location:
850 East 45th Street North
Park City, KS 67219

Oklahoma City, OK
Yard Location:
5200 Southeast 59th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73135

Hutchinson, KS
Yard Location:
700 S Main Street
Hutchinson, KS 67501

Topeka, KS
Yard Location:
503 SE Branner Street
Topeka, KS 66607

Recycle your stainless steel scrap in KC, MO


Sell your Stainless Steel scrap in kansas city

Are you looking to sell your stainless steel scrap in Kansas City? Look no further than Scrap Management Industries, the leading scrap yard in the region. We provide a convenient and reliable solution for individuals and businesses seeking to get the best value for their stainless steel scrap. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to offer competitive prices and exceptional service. Read on to discover why SMI is your go-to destination for selling stainless steel scrap in Kansas City.


At SMI, we understand that when it comes to selling your stainless steel scrap, you want a seamless and profitable experience. Here are some compelling reasons to choose our Stainless Steel Recycling Facility:

Competitive Prices:

We offer highly competitive prices for your stainless steel scrap, ensuring that you get the maximum value for your materials. Our team keeps a close eye on market trends to provide fair and up-to-date prices.

Convenient Location:

Located in the heart of Kansas City, our stainless steel scrap yard is easily accessible, making it convenient for you to bring in your iron scrap. Whether you're an individual or a business, our central location saves you time and effort.

Quick And Efficient Recycling Process:

We value your time and aim to provide a streamlined selling process. Our experienced staff ensures that your stainless steel scrap is weighed accurately and processed efficiently, allowing you to sell your materials promptly.

Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff:

Our ferrous metal experts at SMI are friendly, professional and knowledgeable about stainless steel scrap. We are always ready to answer your questions, guide you through the selling process, and offer assistance when needed.


Stainless steel scrap comes in various forms, and at SMI, we accept a wide range of stainless steel materials. Here are some examples of stainless steel scrap that we buy:

Stainless Steel Appliances:

Old or damaged stainless steel appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers can be sold as scrap. Ensure that you remove any non-stainless steel components before bringing them to our yard.

Industrial Equipment:

If you have surplus or outdated industrial equipment made of stainless steel, selling it as scrap can be a profitable option. This includes machinery parts, pipes, valves and fittings.

Construction Materials:

Stainless steel used in construction projects, such as beams, sheets or reinforcing bars, can be sold as scrap once they are no longer needed. Recycling these materials helps conserve resources and reduces environmental impact.

Automotive Parts:

Certain automotive components, such as exhaust systems, fenders and door panels, may contain stainless steel. If you have these items as scrap, consider selling them to us.

Remember, it's essential to separate stainless steel from other metals or materials to ensure accurate pricing and efficient processing.